Jack Evan Johnson of Dude City just released his first solo album, Self Made Man. Pick up a copy on iTunes now. Vinyl coming soon.

Jack will also be on a west coast tour Sept. 5-21 supporting the album. Head over to the tour dates page to see where he’ll be.


Hey ya’ll. So Life is Shit was a massive success, if shitty dive bar music festivals are your cup. It received press in just about every Las Vegas newspaper, as well as The Washington Post. So thanks to everyone who came out to see Dangerboner and all the other bands. It was a blast, and may have been the kick in the ass that Dangerboner needed to get back in the studio sometime soon. There’s still a lot of tunes that need recording. But in other news, a Jack Evan Johnson solo album is in the works. In fact it has been since July, we’ve just been keeping it quiet. It’s not a true solo record, as there are a number of notable players on it, including longtime Las Vegas players Charlie Shaffer on piano and Bruce Harper on drums. These are some classic cats that lend a more refined, country vibe than Jack’s work with Dude City, but it’s not too far off. We’re shooting for a December mix in Nashville and then hopefully an early 2014 release. Jack will be playing some of the songs from the new record Dec. 15 at Velveteen Rabbit in downtown Las Vegas with a band. Come on by if you’re in the neighborhood.


Devil's Tower Records owner Jack Evan Johnson, also of Dude City and Dangerboner, has co-founded a music festival in Las Vegas called Life is Shit Festival, to be held Oct. 26 at The Dive. Dangerboner will be getting back together for this one, and a ton of other great Las Vegas bands are also on the lineup. Check it out here.


No Sleep ‘Til Nashville is done and available for purchase on vinyl here, and digitally here. I first heard Tristan Moyer singing in a bar when we were teenagers, and though I was still years away from wrestling my first song to the ground, I felt an instant connection to this girl and her abilities - like most people who have seen her play, I’m sure. Fast forward a few bands and many bars and songs later, and I somehow not only talked her into helping me out with some tunes I was working on, but flying to Nashville to record them. We drank too much and we slept in an apartment that smelled like rats and it was raining a lot and we had a student engineer, but we somehow got the four songs for this EP tracked, and pretty well. In addition to a couple of my newer, more folky songs, we worked up an arrangement of a brilliant song she wrote called “Traveling Man,” and put a rocking spin on an old Jimmy Driftwood tune. Maybe she saw something in the project, maybe she was just bored. To this day I still don’t know. But she’s always down for a drink and song and for that I’m grateful. I think you will be too. -Jack Evan Johnson


When you have a record label run on a shoestring budget, sometimes it seems like ages in between releases, and no one hates that more than us. The Jack Evan Johnson & Tristan Moyer “No Sleep ‘Til Nashville” EP was recorded in September, and after months of mixing, mastering, paying rent with money that was supposed to go toward pressing, finishing up art, and just a bunch of general distractions, it is ready to send to the record pressing plant this week. Sorry for the wait, and thanks for the patience. One day this will all be a lot easier. Listen to the first track from “No Sleep ‘Til Nashville,” right here.


Dude City’s Jack Evan Johnson is playing a solo set Mar. 2 at the Hard Rock Cafe on the Las Vegas strip, opening for The White Buffalo. This should be a great show. Buy tickets here.


Chandelle’s “Cheatgrass Prison” vinyl LP has now been added to the Devil’s Tower Records online store. It is so awesome and you should hurry up and buy it (listen and download here). Thanks to everyone who came out to see Chandelle play on her “Cheatgrass Prison” U.S. tour, and thanks even more to everyone who bought a record on one of her tour stops. She’ll be back on the road soon, so keep checking back for updates. And if you are wondering, the next Devil’s Tower Records release will be an ep from Dude City’s Jack Evan Johnson and awesome Las Vegas vocalist/fiddle player Tristan Moyer. It’s much more stripped down and songwritery than anything Jack has released with Dude City, and even has a great song penned by Tristan. We think it’s pretty damn cool and hope you do too. Stay tuned for a release date.


Hey America, get out and see Chandelle if you haven’t already. There are only a few more dates left of her “Cheatgrass Prison” record release tour, as she travels from Nashville to her new home of California. Las Vegas CityLife just published a killer review of the album, which you can read here. The remaining dates are tomorrow, 1/10 at the Facement in Arcata, Calif., Friday 1/11 at the Chapel Tavern in Reno, Nev., and Saturday, 1/12 is her record release show in Vegas at The Bunkhouse Saloon, where she’ll be joined by Dude City’s Jack Evan Johnson (performing solo), as well as Same Sex Mary, featuring other members of Dude City. Friends San Francesca (from San Jose), as well as local alt-country singer Tarah Grace will be rounding out the bill in Vegas. The last stop of Chandelle’s tour is Monday, 1/14 at Brick and Mortar Music Hall in San Francisco. “Cheatgrass Prison” vinyl LPs will be available at all the shows, and they will be for sale here on the website shortly. However, you can listen to “Cheatgrass Prison” in its entirety and purchase it in its digital form by clicking right here. We really hope you like the album half as much as we do. It has been worth the wait.


Chandelle's "Cheatgrass Prison" record release show in Nashville will Dec. 28 at 12th and Porter, and will also feature sets from Jack Evan Johnson of Dude City, Zach Ryan, and Kent Goolsby. You can hear and download the full album here.


Shit, what’s new? Dude City made it back from tour. The Mad Caps have a new video dropping soon. The Chandelle album, "Cheatgrass Prison," will drop on Christmas, with a release show around that time in Nashville and a January tour planned to take her out west. Keep checking back for the announcement of dates. The first single, “Moonlight,” is available for listening here, and download when you preorder the album. Jack Evan Johnson from Dude City will be heading to Nashville next month to mix a four-song EP he recorded recently with Las Vegas fiddle player and vocalist Tristan Moyer. Um. Um. You really should listen to Nick Cave all the time.


A lot has been going on in Devil’s Tower country, so we apologize for the lack of updates. We’re musicians, not webmasters. First of all, Dude City and The Mad Caps made it through their dual headlining gig at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Aug. 30. It was a big show, as it was the first time Las Vegas bands had been invited to play the Boulevard Pool stage, which is usually reserved for famous bands like The Smashing Pumpkins and Bright Eyes. Our pals Shoot to Kill Media filmed a rad little edit of the show, which you can see here. It was a good time, with plenty of booze and friends, and the bands made way more money than they ever have. This is a good thing because The Mad Caps just kicked off a tour, and Dude City leaves for tour Sept. 28. Check both bands’ tour dates here. Then, Saturday, Jack from Dude City jumped on a plane with fellow Vegas musician Tristan Moyer and flew to Nashville to record for a few days with Vitamin Overdose’s Trevor Wood, who is completing an audio engineering program. The result will be a four-song EP, with songs sung and written by both Jack and Tristan. We’re really excited about this one. People who have seen Tristan sing in her Vegas cover band Darby O’Gill and the Little People know she sings like a fallen angel, but holy shit. You just wait. We hope to have it mixed and released in a couple months. Jack and Tristan stayed with Trevor and Devils Tower artist Chandelle in Nashville, who also has a whole new batch of songs written, and is getting out for some live shows after a little break from playing live. We’re still screwing around and haven’t released her album yet, but you can hear the first single, “Moonlight,” right here. And probably the best news of all is Dude City drummer Mike McGuinness got a Devil’s Tower tattoo. What a badass.


The vinyl cuts of Hooves’ “Fetch, Little Doggie” have arrived. They are awesome. Listen to it here. Buy it on vinyl from us right here. If you want CDs, Hooves has them. Go bother them. They have records too, but fuck those guys, buy ‘em from us.


We’ve been slacking on the website updating, but if you’ve been reading our facebook page or Las Vegas CityLife newspaper, you know that The Mad Caps and Dude City are playing a co-headlining show at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, out on the big stage by the pool, Aug. 30. It’s part of a new summer concert series featuring a lot of national acts, and the biggest show either band has played. Hopefully the $14 beers and the $20 ticket price won’t keep people from coming out (though we’re pretty sure there will be free tickets available closer to the show). But for everyone who still favors their rock and roll with a little scum, both bands, along with badass Las Vegas band Deadhand, will be playing the 4th of July at The Bunkhouse Saloon in Las Vegas. That show is also part of a short tour The Mad Caps will be heading out on. Tentative dates for The Mad Caps tour are as follows:

6/29 Seattle, WA @ Two-Bit Saloon

6/30 Portland, OR @ Slabtown

7/1 Arcata, CA @ Alibi

7/2 TBA

7/3 Los Angeles, CA @ The Hemmingway

7/4 Las Vegas, NV @ The Bunkhouse Saloon

7/6 Phoenix, AZ @ The Lost Leaf

7/7 Flagstaff (Private Wedding)

7/8 Salt Lake City, UT @ TBA

And for everyone waiting on the Chandelle album, rest assured that it will be available for download very soon. Just getting the art situation worked out.


We just received the master of the Chandelle album, and Holy. Fucking. Shit. It will be titled “Cheatgrass Prison,” and totals a whopping 8 songs and 24 minutes, but has more substance than most albums twice that long. We’re talking no filler here. Just the sweet, dark, soulful songs of a teenage girl’s torment (and some love songs too). Backed by members of Dude City, Vitamin Overdose, Same Sex Mary, Austin, Tex. band Cowboy and Indian, and even legendary rock and roll drummer Sandy Nelson, Chandelle made a debut album that was worth well worth the wait. Stay tuned for a digital release and vinyl soon after.

New: Dude City "Technology" video

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